Terms of use

Terms and Conditions agreement for EldenEle application (The App) services

By registering in The App and using it for search/browsing of Notices, User agrees to abide by hereby Terms Agreement (TA) and accepts the right and responsibilities outlined in it with regards to the use of The App.

Posting of Notices in the App which are not intended for commercial use is free of charge. Users must use of The App’s services appropriately and not allow posting of Notices, which do not align with the Users’ actual needs.

1. Subject of Agreement

1.1 Executor offers services on conditions which are the subject of hereby User agreement.

1.2 User agreement is subject to change by Executors without forewarning. The new edition of the User Agreement takes effect from the moment of its posting in The App, unless otherwise stated by the new edition of the TA.

2. Description of Services

The App is an Internet-platform, which allows User to post independently and at his/her own accord offers, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons, for making a deal in regards to Product, which User is authorized to freely dispose of (make offers), and which allows other users of The App to accept or decline the offers posted by User in the App at their own discretion as well as make the consequent transaction or not with the User, who posted the Notice in The App.

3. Executor’s Rights and Responsibilities

3.1 Rights.

3.1.1. Executor bears no responsibility for damage, material losses and expenses that arise due to use of The App or inability to use it.

3.1.2. Executor has the right to conduct random inspections of Notices for User compliance with the hereby TA at any time, including routine system-based check-ups. If such violation is detected, including the ones detected via third-party complaint notice of such violations, Executor has the right to terminate temporarily or permanently User’s access to certain services of The App, including rejection or blocking of the Notice and/or User’s access to his/her own personal account with no prior notification.

3.2 Responsibilities

Within boundaries of hereby User Agreement, Executor takes on the responsibility for:

providing User with an opportunity to post Notices in The App, to search Notices of other users in the database of The App, according to rules and regulations defined by Executor at the time, as well as to delete Notices.

4. User’s Responsibilities Upon Registration

Within boundaries of hereby User Agreement, User takes on the responsibility to abide by the following:

4.1. Know and follow Rules for posting Notices, which are integral to hereby TA.

4.2. Do not use The App to post information which violates government law of Turkmenistan or the international law.

4.3. Do not post deliberately false information.

4.4. Do not use The App to post and/or share materials and/or Products unless the User has according rights to them. This includes works protected by copyright, trademark, and patent laws and by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, products, the selling of which necessitate applicable licenses, unless such licenses are in possession of the User, etc.

4.5. Do not breach the information security of The App.

4.6. Do not introduce yourself by another person’s or company name. Do not in any way deceive other users and the administrators of The App in regards to your identity.

4.7. Do not delete and/or change any materials in The App, except those created by the User.

4.8. Do not use contact information posted in The App (phone numbers, postal address, email address, etc.) for purposes different from the goals of The App, i.e. search, perusal, and posting of Notices.

4.9. Do not register using another person’s phone number without authorization for use.

4.10. Do not share your personal account password with third parties. User bears full responsibility for all damage caused by User’s intentional or accidental sharing of his/her password with another person. User is responsible for confidentiality of his/her password as well as any access to The App via his/her password.

5. Notices not allowed to be posted in The App:

5.1. Contents of which violate the government law of Turkmenistan (contain propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography, etc.)

5.2. Contents of which violate common standards of morality and ethics.

5.3 Contents of which go against The App Policy and Rules of posting Notices in The App

5.4. Contents of which concern Product which requires special distribution license, in the absence of the latter.

5.5. Contents of which concern Product of limited or prohibited circulation under the current government law of Turkmenistan and/or international law.

6. Use of materials in The App

6.1 Every User of The App is responsible for the information posted from his name and the consequences of posting.

6.2 The App is only a tool for sharing information, and the Executor bears no responsibility for its accuracy and timeliness.

6.3 The Executor strives to remove from The App all careless, sloppy, and deliberately imprecise information, however, the parties who posted are the ones ultimately responsible for it.

7. Guarantees and responsibility

7.1. Since User autonomously, of his/her free will and without control from Executor posts in The App Notices, which can be of advertising nature, User is considered an advertiser and an ad distributor in regards to all Notices posted by him/her in The App, with all consequences this entails under the legislature of Turkmenistan for advertisement.

7.2. Additional information concerning legal regulations of Internet network development

and Internet service in Turkmenistan can be found here: http://minjust.gov.tm/mmerkezi/doc_view_2lang.php?doc_id=15049

7.3. Executor does not guarantee what of the software, servers, and computer networks used by The App from bugs and viruses. In the unlikely event of data loss or device damage caused by the use of The App, Executor bears no responsibility.

Hereby agreement does not signify an establishment of partner, agent, joint activity, employment or any other relationship not specified in this agreement between Executor and User.